The Rangers Board: Accounts and Accountability

With recent events at Rangers, it can be difficult for many supporters to know what is going on with the club they love. Some former directors and well-known fans claim we are heading for a second administration, while the Board hit back that this is ridiculous scaremongering. Every fan hopes the current Board are correct and such dire predictions are untrue. No-one wants a repeat of the dark days of 2012.

Yet if there was one thing we learned from those harsh months it was for ever more to ensure the club's finances were transparent. It's not too much to ask for any business, never-mind something that we nearly lost through mismanagement. So regardless whether you support this Board, or want them to leave, every Rangers supporter and group should be comfortable asking the Directors these two questions and we urge you to do so:

1. Where specifically did the tens of millions of our money go in the last 18 months?


2. When specifically will the audited accounts be released?

In hindsight the lack of financial clarity or audited accounts under Craig Whyte was an obvious sign, yet we lived in hope those who said administration was a near certainty were wrong. Many suggest those days are returning in a similar manner, and it would be crazy not to find out now before it is too late. The Rangers Board should not be angry when supporters want to know where their money is going, much less bring threat of possible legal action.

Whatever your opinion, we are all Rangers fans together and deserve to have financial transparency. Ask away!

Photo used under the creative common licence courtesy of _gee_