Questions for Charles Green

With the news that Walter Smith’s consortium have pulled out of the bidding for Rangers, we are now left with the prospect of Charles Green being the “only show in town”. Are we going to make the same mistakes as before, or are we going to learn from the past and understand that there doesn’t have to be an alternative available for us to ask questions of the people in charge of our club?

Charles Green has consistently said that he understands the fans worry over the people taking over the club. Let’s see if that is just more talk. I am a season ticket holder at Ibrox and if Mr Green can answer these questions to my satisfaction then I’ll renew my ticket. If not then I have to seriously ponder the sense in giving my money to a man who has refused to allay the fears of thousands of fans.

  1. Blue Pitch Holdings were named as investors by Charles Green. Who are they and who do they represent? I’ve googled them and can’t find a thing. Who is the investor behind them and how much of our club do they own?
  2. Zeus Capital is an investment fund - they have invested someone’s money in our club. Whose money? Is it a large group of people or one or two? How much of our club do they own?
  3. Chris Morgan is named as an investor “on behalf of a family trust”. Which family trust?
  4. We’ve been told that no one person will own more than 10-15% of our club. At the moment, there are at most 5 investors. I’m no mathematical genius but that doesn’t quite work. Let’s have a breakdown of how much each named investor owns. Who is the majority shareholder calling the shots?
  5. How much working capital does Mr Green have to fund our club? It is reasonable for him to expect that season ticket money will be used for the costs of running our club but he has yet to show he is committing any of his own investors’ funds to this. Is he expecting the fans to fund the club alone in order to make a profit for himself and his investors?
  6. There were allegations made in the press last week that a man named Rafat Rizvi, at one point wanted by Interpol, was involved in Charles Green’s consortium.  Can he categorically deny that this man is involved in any of the groups investing in the club?
  7. Mr Green provided proof of funding to Duff and Phelps. How many of the people who contributed to this proof of funding are still involved in his consortium? Was it Zeus, Blue Pitch et al who provided the funding shown to D&P?
  8. Will season ticket holders be told as a matter of urgency what the contingency is for Rangers not being allowed entry to the SPL? A season ticket for Division 3 should be significantly cheaper – will refunds be issued if that happens?
  9. Can Mr Green ensure that his consortium will not accept the removal of titles as a price of entry to the SPL? Will he at least confirm that fan groups and ALL season ticket holders will be consulted if there is any possibility of this being the case? Under those circumstances, the fans deserve to decide if we should accept SPL sanction or apply to the SFL.
  10. Can Mr Green give some clarity on why no Rangers’ supporting businessmen will commit funds to his consortium? What is in the business plan that they find so at odds with their wish to see the club on a secure footing again?

I’ve heard fans say Green can’t yet answer these questions. I’ve heard them say that we have to back the club no matter what. We do have to back the club but we can’t hand over millions of pounds to a man who refuses to answer these fundamental questions. Lots of issues are up in the air but Charles Green knows who his current investors are. He knows who is and isn’t involved. He knows how much working capital he has in the bank.

The fans are being bombarded from all sides at the moment. Whether it is the SFA, SPL or the promise of a club legend leading a consortium it’s hard to know where to focus our efforts. It’s understandable that we’ve taken our eye off the ball, but Mr Green promised us answers and he simply hasn’t yet delivered.

We have a week to renewals. I want to buy my season ticket. I want to support my club now more than I maybe ever have before. I will not, however, sleep walk into a situation where I commit money without clarity on these issues. We have to get some answers. I hope Mr Green is no Mr Whyte, but I will not repeat the mistake of believing that “the only show in town” must be backed at all costs.

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