Guest contributions

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Below you can find short pen pictures about each of our currently featured guest writers. We have an exciting variety of contributors lined up for the coming weeks and months - stay tuned!

Professor Graham Walker

Graham is Professor of Political History at Queen's University, Belfast. He lists some of his research interests as contemporary politics of Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the politics of sport. He is also co-author with Ronnie Esplin of the 'Official Biography' (Hachette, 2011) and co-editor of 'It's Rangers for Me?' and 'Triumphs, Troubles and Tradtions' (both Fort Publishing 2007 and 2010 respectively).

Bob MacCallum

Bob MacCallum has been going to Rangers games for almost 52 years. He is a season-ticket holder and shareholder. After having to retire from being an English teacher, due to ill-health, he has had 5 books about Rangers published. The first, in 2001, was “The Best of the Blues” – a tribute to the great Rangers side of the early 60s. The next book was “Rangers’ 50 Flags” then “Rangers’ Treble Kings” – celebrating the ‘Gers team of the late 70s. Next came “Hall of Fame: Rangers’ All-time Greats” and finally, in 2011 “50 Year Love Affair: A Rangers Fan’s Story” which remembered his 50 years of follow-following Rangers.